1. Isshin-Ru - Japanese

2. Tang Soo Do - Korean

3. ITF Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt) - Korean

4. Ketsu-Kay  - Japanese MMA

5. Aikido - Japanese (my favorite style)

6. Hapkido  - Korean

7. Many Self-Defense seminars over the years

8. WTF Tae Kwon Do - Korean (currently training with Master Hong)

9. I use and teach non-aggressive self defense (my own system I developed)

10. It took many years of training and studying to finally understand Yin and   Yangand how it applies to martial arts!   

Past President of "The Danbury Top Hatters" local chapter of SAM

I decided to try something new and become a security guard. So I took the class got my license and with no experience other than martial arts I took a bunch of courses to build a resume and get a job. I now work for 2 security companies one as a guard and one as a trainerand a floater.

- MOAB Certified (management of aggressive behavior)

- MOAB Level 2 Certified

- CPI Certified (non violent crisis intervention)

- CPR (adult and infant) AED

- Verbal Judo Certified

- "Active Shooter" scenario Certified (DHS)

- 13 Certificates from DHS (Department of Homeland Security)

- Currently enrolled in online courses for Criminal Justice 

"Close-Up Magic"

  Cards are my favorite any deck anytime.

Martial Arts

Mo Magic

To be continued!

Mo "The Magician"

I will always be: "Mo The Magician"

And shortened I'm only at age 19 and I'm 46 (lol)



Started training at age 7

 My real name is Kevin Mohan I was born 1969 in Mt Kisco, NY and moved to New Milford, Ct when I was in The third grade. I have a younger sister that is currently a school teacher in Baltimore, MD. My father died when I was young so my mother raised my sister and I, mom worked hard just to keep a roof over our heads. My mother went back to college at age 30 and got her Masters Degree in psychology while working god bless her. I was very close with my Grandparents who lived in Purdys, NY  I would visit with them pretty much every weekend they lived very close to the train station (and had a pool lol).

 When I was seven years old my now ex uncle was a black belt in Isshin-Ru Karate (Japanese), and introduced me to martial arts. He would teach me pretty much every weekend I was hooked on the arts. After my aunts divorce I had no more Sensei I felt stuck. Then when I was in the 5th grade The Town of New Milford offered Tang Soo Do at John Petti Bone school I was so excited to join. Talked to my mother about it, but money was an issue so I talked to my Grandfather who was the only real father figure I ever had and he paid for me to sign up for Tang Soo Do (Korean). I took the class for about two years the instructor was very strict and would actually hit the students with a wooden stick

if you didn't do your techniques properly. I believe this caught up to him and he was fired and the class was cancelled again stuck with no training. Then I was fortunate enough to get 2 paper routes when I was in middle school and started earning my own money. One route was tuff The Danbury News Times a daily paper, and my route was Mist Hill Rd. ( very steep hill) I rode my bike every morning down and back up that hill every morning before school delivery papers I had a lot of customers too. Wanting to continue martial arts I found "Brookfield Martial Arts" an ITF Tae Kwon Do school (North Korean) it was expensive, but I was making pretty good money with my paper routes so I joined. The school was awesome out of the four Tae Kwon Do systems that I know of ITF was self-defense based not sport based. They had one very strict rule if you got into a fight you were kicked out of the school, the instructor recommended that I don't tell anyone about my training so no one would challenged me to avoid any confrontations so I told no one except my immediate family new. At 19 I got my first Black Belt felt like a super hero it was awesome, went out with everyone from the dojo to a bar and had a great time. I moved to Litchfield, Ct and wanted to continue my training, but I wanted something different from Tae Kwon Do.


​aka: Kevin Mohan

"Parlor Magic"

   Type of performance for larger audiences.

Licensed Security Officer 

Founder of wholesale kitchen cabinet company since October 2001 We design and sell kitchen cabinets. Stilson Cabinet Company LLC is running strong even in a down market. Our team can save you a ton of money.  

And professionally  edited (lol)

"Kasper" my best bud! White German Shepard