My favorite band of all time is U2, I've seen them

in concert a few times. I did a birthday party for

a child in a wheel chair and spent extra time at the

party and gave more attention to the birthday boy

than I normally would. As I was leaving the father

paid me thanked me and gave me an envelope. When I got into the car I opened the envelope and

inside were two tickets to a U2concert at fox burrow stadium. I almost cried I was so shocked

"How could he know?" That's Magic!

Mo Magic  

Restaurant and bar magician for many years!

I'll never forget the first $100.00 bill I got for a

tip performing at a table for about five minutes.

What an incredible feeling that was!

Mo Magic


Mo Magic​

When I was a full time magician I was one of the busiest working magicians in the Tri-State area. I did my weekly gigs and two to three gigs on the weekends, weekday gigs like schools, day camps, and corporate events. I was booked 2-3 years in advance for some trade shows and other events. Took about 2 years for me to finish my commitments when I started Stilson Cabinet Company LLC. I went though what's called "Burn Out" for a while and needed a break. Now I'm back andlovingmagicmore than ever. I do it just for fun, family, friends, and fundraisers. I go on lecture tours around the country to different magic clubs and share my experience's. If I except a paid booking these days it's for a select clientele for some of the highest paid fee's in the industry.  

Some of the most rewarding gigs I've done were

fundraisers forMDA, Special Olympics, Hospice, etc.I would donate my time as often as I could, but I did have bills to pay imagine that. When I was living in Litchfield, Ct I met Suzan St. James at one of the fundraisers we chatted for a bit. We became friends and she would hire me to do fundraisers because she knew how much the kids enjoyed me, and to help me as I was a full time magician and needed to do paying gigs at the time. What a wonderful lady she is!

Mo Magic

It was always nice to getlettersfrom kids after I

performed at their birthday party. Having done

literally hundreds of kids parties I've gotten lots of

letters over the years. This is one of many and it's

a great feeling better than any monetary tip!

Mo magic 

 I spent some time performing in Las Vegas, "but  what happens In Vegas stays in Vegas" (lol)

Many years of performing magic at all types of venues

For over ten years I performed six nights a week

at restaurants and bars. Some were short term some

gigs lasted as long as seven years, CT, NY, NYC. Very exciting experience, the stories I could share with you would - 

blow your mind!

Mo magic

What agreat feeling making kids happy with

my magic. One smile is worth the hundreds of

hours I spend practicing and learning my craft!

Mo Magic

I'm not going to mention any names, because these people still hire me and I'm friends with them. I've been fortunate enough to work for manyCelebrities, and CEO'S over the years at their homes for parties and other events. At first I was star struck and nervous, but they are normal people just like us ( well I guess I'm not normal "being the seventh son of the seventh son" Ha).

Mo Magic

Mo Magic

Mo "The Magician"

A nice elderly lady told me once that "There is a special place in Heaven for people that make children happy"

I never forgot that and enjoy seeing smiles on kids ​faces because of my magic!

Mo Magic